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7th JULY 2005, and since: KBO. Business as usual.

Tea, anyone?

I much prefer to let my writing do my talking.

I am an obscure H/D shipper, born 1962, and otherwise quite boringly conventional.

I shall (mostly, but see above) be fleeing any hint of controversy with an impressive turn of speed. In my view, this energy wants being expended in writing. Unless of course it's a truly important issue: the Ashes, a key CAMRA campaign, the Countryside Alliance, change-ringing: that sort of thing.

I ought perhaps to say, for purposes of addressing me, I am a man. (Rather a rare bird - or, rather, non-bird - in the slash flock, I gather.)

I spend an unconscionable amount of time at - or on - the Britpicking thread at Fiction Alley.

I am the contributor of a few minor essays at Britticus Totallus.

My essay, An Augurey Sang in Berkeley Square: The Persistence of the 1930s in the Potterverse, was briefly, as of the week of 13th June, the Thread of the Week at FA. They were evidently desperate for threads. (Thank you for alerting me, [info]frances_jane.)

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